Joe Whitlock

I have a passion for poker, but I never gamble with my clients. I'm proud of my reputation for honest dealing, and despite working through the mid-2000s subprime bubble years, I hold my head up high knowing I never guided a client into those junk loan products.

From my first day in the mortgage business I have been passionate about helping people find the best possible loan for their situation. That means more than looking at tax returns. It means getting to know my clients, learning about their future plans and goals, and navigating the ever-changing world of home loans to match their goals with a great home financing solution. For me, it’s all about the happiness and excitement on my clients' faces at the closing table, whether it’s because they are buying their dream home, or refinancing into a more suitable or less expensive mortgage.

I began working in the home loan industry in 2003, and have been employed by a variety of lenders since then. I took a few years off and served as a Supervisor for the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas for several years before returning to the business. Since then, I have been a top producer, ranked #2 in the country by my prior employer.

I was born in Casper, Wyoming, and moved to Fort Collins during grade school where I stayed through graduation from Colorado State University. When not working with borrowers I love playing golf and tennis, and during the season can be found watching NFL games all day Sunday. I donates blood, support several charities, and enjoy being involved in the community. I likes to stay active outdoors with my friends and family.


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