How to Prepare For Closing Day

Reaching the point of closing on a home is an exciting day! It comes with being handed your new keys and toasting to your new home. To maintain the excitement and limit the surprises, we’re disclosing all of the information that you should expect on closing day. So read on to learn what to expect.

You’ll have your final walk through the house typically the day before closing. This is to ensure that the house is in good condition and all of the repairs have been met. There are a couple of additional things which you will also want to do before closing day. One of these being to review the final closing disclosure. This document has the potential to change during the process, so it would be wise to review it after everything has been finalized. This will cover the final closing costs and any remaining outstanding charges or fees that may have accrued. Your loan officer will get the final closing disclosure to you 1-3 days before closing. It’s likely that there aren’t any surprises on that document, as you and your team have likely been working closely throughout the process.

You’ll also want to make arrangements to transfer the electricity, cable and internet in your name. The title company will transfer water utilities into your name, so you don’t need to worry about addressing that service. In addition, expect to bring a few things to closing. If there are outstanding costs due, find out ahead of time what the appropriate payment method is. This may be a cashier’s check, or you may be able to simply wire the funds from your phone (in the age of technology). Government issued ID is also required, so bring your driver’s license to avoid any conflict.

Your loan officer has likely filled you in so none of this should be too much of a surprise, but if you have any confusion with the closing process, reach out today!