Advice for Building a Home From Scratch


Building from scratch gives you the opportunity to customize every corner of your new place, and bring your dream home to life. Although, with this comes complications, so read on for some of our tips if you are considering building your home.


Always know what you have in mind, but don’t expect to have everything down to the last detail planned. Guide the builder in your wants, but be willing to maintain a certain flexibility as they may offer suggestions or alternatives. Have an idea for the floor plan and estimate the cost per square foot. This this will allow you to (vaguely) plan your budget.


Throughout the entirety of the process you should always balance additions with cuts. Don’t let additions take reign, as it will add up incredibly fast. Possibly the most important advice: (attempt to) expect the unexpected. Not only does this mean unplanned costs, but also possible delays. Building custom-made comes with both of these conditions, no matter what.


Lastly it is incredibly important that you maintain communication between your builder, realtor and loan officer. This will assure that the process goes as smoothly as possible while minimizing stress. Good luck!